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No one wants to miss out on the festive fun by restricting their food, so here is a few simple tips on how you can st...


  Everyday there is a growing awareness of different diets & food trends, with a Flexitarian diet being one of th...

Get Some Outdoor Life Inspiration

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce, and walking for health is also beneficial for your employee’s mental health too. Isn’t it time you encouraged your team to get outdoors?

Boosting your immune system

 In the midst of this global pandemic, you may find yourself paying more attention to your immune system and how to ...

Cold, Flu or Covid? How to tell the difference

As the cold and flu season is now beginning for the year, you may find yourself panicking that your common cold sympt...

Generation Superfood…

We’ve all seen the word Superfood in the press. This term is usually referring to nutrient-rich foods with the benefi...


Keeping up a routine can bring a level of normality & productivity into your day, especially if you’re home schooling. Here’s an example and hopefully some helpful tips to keep you stimulated in lockdown.

Maintaining your Mental Health through Covid19

It is very easy to feel anxious about what is going on in the world at the moment. Here’s some ways to keep your mind...

Fresh vs Frozen

It is true what they say! Frozen fruit, veg, meat & fish can be just as, if not more nutritious as fresh!

Grow your own Herbs

A handful of basil or parsley leaves complete a fresh bowl of pasta, the same goes for coriander in a curry! Most of our Heck recipes include herbs as they really add to the overall flavour.

The Truth Behind the Porkies!

As they say, don’t believe everything you read on the internet! In recent years you will have seen lots of stories te...
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