Keeping up a routine can bring a level of normality & productivity into your day, especially if you’re home schooling. Here’s an example and hopefully some helpful tips to keep you stimulated in lockdown.


Try and get up at the usual time. Remember you don’t have to commute far and will be avoiding those distant traffic jams, so you can take a little more time to do things properly.

Make your breakfast. This is your fuel for the day so choose something you know is going to make you feel energised. Remember our bodies love variety, so mix up what you eat each morning.

Get washed and dressed. This both physically and mentally prepares you for the day ahead. Even if it is into something comfy, make sure you get out of your pyjamas and just leave those for sleeping only!

Head to ‘work’. You should work with what you’ve got and create an office or school space set up to avoid distraction. Try and make sure you’re all sat at a proper table to avoid getting aches and pains. Sitting with poor posture can lead to long term issues so best to avoid those now.

Take plenty of breaks, perhaps an 11 o’clock snack or hot beverage. If you are trying to run a similar school day, then stop at both morning and afternoon break. Let the kids go outside and have a run around in the garden if they can! Remember to keep hydrated.

Make sure you keep moving. It isn’t just the youngsters that need to stay active! Get up regularly from your workspace even if it is just to top your water up. This will help you focus too.

Make & enjoy your lunch. Take a break from your work calls and emails and have a quiet moment or socialise with your family.

Head back to your ‘office/school space’. Some chilled music might help with concentration. Finish for the day as you would have done previously.

Get your daily exercise. It might be an idea to do this whilst it’s still light. Your previous routine may have included heading to the gym or going to play with a sports team before or after work. Burning some energy always makes you feel good and can reduce stress! There’s heaps of inspiration at the moment so you don’t need to go anywhere, you can work out from home.

Make some dinner. This doesn’t always have to be too creative! Have a look what you’ve got in the freezer and in the back of the cupboard.

Call friends and family. Find out how their day was and if they’ve got anything to recommend whether it be something to watch on catch up or a new recipe in the kitchen. It is really important to stay connected with people as they might need you more than you think.

Housekeeping. It might be a quick tidy up or a deep clean, but make sure your living space is clean and fresh ready for the next day. Wash clothes & sheets, hoover, you know the drill.

Relax. Spend some time doing what you like in ways of fun! It doesn’t always have to be energetic. Play a game, read a book, take a bath, get a film on etc.

Get a good night’s sleep. Wind down, get back into your pyjamas and say goodnight!