Being family run, means we can do things differently. We make our sausages & burgers in small batches right here on our farm in Yorkshire. Although small, we’re big on premium quality & flavour.

Our friends work with us too. Together, our uncompromising attitude & passionate team produce the tastiest, healthiest food for all your family.


As well as our meaty 97% pork & lower-fat chicken products, you’ll now find meat-free, plant-based ranges on the supermarket shelves. These are approved by both the Vegan & Vegetarian Society. Our entire range Is gluten free too.

Only the best ingredients go into our bangers.

In our kitchen we are always creating new varieties & recipes.

At Heck! Food Ltd we are committed to ensuring that any business undertakings are conducted as ethically as possible by following the below policy:



  • Our employees are our greatest asset. We strive to be a responsible employer by creating an environment that gives employees the desire and ability to develop. We operate in accordance with our Well-Being, Equality, Diversity, Working Hours, Dignity at Work and Training and Professional Development policies to ensure all current and potential employees are treated fairly and with respect. This includes promoting a working environment that is free from discrimination, bullying or harassment, offering remuneration packages with equal pay and opportunities regardless of gender that accurately reflect qualifications and experience; and providing training opportunities, and work placements.
  • We pay all our permanent staff above the legal minimum wage, we do not use slave, illegal child or forced labour (including human trafficking) either directly or through our supply chain and record the actions we have taken to avoid this in our Statement on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.
  • We operate in an open and honest way, including our clients and suppliers. We adhere to our Anti Bribery and Corruption policy at all times and apply a zero tolerance approach to acts of bribery and corruption by any of our employees, business partners working on our behalf.
  • We seek and respond to the opinions of our employees by way of a suggestion box.



What our company does to improve customer satisfaction and retention:
  • If customers complain, we have a very responsive customer service team. If people phone, email, write letters or send a message on social media we reply rapidly and always try to kill them with kindness and keep them happy. We issue refunds, replacement packs, send HECK merchandise and write a handwritten letter. We have been complimented many times on our great customer service skills.
  • We recently ran a sticker on pack that said ‘Try me free’. This gave consumers the opportunity to claim their money back for the pack they purchased. This will have hopefully retained many customers as they will buy us again. It gives HECK a good reputation.
  • We have recently started adding recipe ideas onto our packaging and are always trying to inspire consumers so they can make different meals in the kitchen.
  • We are always keen to bring out new, limited edition flavours as we know consumers like this about our brand. Peck, Check, Guy Porks, The Hallowiener, The banger, Fair & Square, the Chocolate sausage etc. We also sell special bundles on our website which are always a success.


What our company does to ensure the safety and quality of your products and services:
  • We are audited against the BRC standard annually, achieving AA across both sites earlier this year. This audit covers all aspects of food safety and legality, such as HACCP, traceability, CCP monitoring, staff training records, PPE, Hygiene monitoring and validations.
  • We heat seal the top off each pack to prevent any contamination. Our product sleeves clearly display all the information required for customers to know what is inside and how to cook it. Each pack clearly displays the use-by date, line number and time it was produced so we can track back to the batch if there’s any issues. In the mixing room, all the ingredients are measured exactly, and we make small batches to ensure our products are consistent. The NPD team do a weekly taste test to ensure the quality of our products is maintained.
  • We have our News and Events pages on our website. These pages are updated each week, informing consumers about new listings, projects, campaigns and everything team HECK is busy with. We always have lots of articles in the press and post daily on our social media channels.
  • We have a club called the Secret Sausage Society. This is just under 2000 people and includes a mix of meat eaters, flexitarians, veggies and vegans. We send them products and a questionnaire from time to time to get honest feedback. This gives us a clearer idea about what people want, care about, what they like and what they don’t like.



  • Most of our suppliers have evidence that they adhere to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and operate in line with the Bribery Act 2010. As most of our suppliers are Sedex registered, we always ask in our supplier approval questionnaire. For those few suppliers that are not Sedex registered or not got a CSR Policy in place we are looking at implementing a form for them to respond to. 
  • We try to use local suppliers and our closest supplier is about 10 miles away. 
  • We are committed to paying all our suppliers on time.
  • HECK are committed to clear communication with suppliers, we are also carrying out site visits to get to know them and their processes better, we have good relationships with them. All suppliers are approved by the technical team via a questionnaire & documents such as HACCP plans, certification and specifications.



Our commitment to and monitor waste reduction, re-use and recycling.
  • We are always thinking of new, more sustainable ways to pack our products. We are currently exploring a compostable tray for our veggie range. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this for our meat range as you cannot compost anything that has contained meat. However, we use clear plastic trays rather than black trays as these are fully recyclable and have been made from 90% recycled plastic. The cardboard sleeve (and ink) is both recyclable and suitable for home composting.
  • We have a frozen range which is totally plastic free, and the cardboard boxes can be fully recycled.
  • We switched from natural pork/beef casings on our sausages to seaweed-based casing 3 years ago. This is much more friendly to the environment.
  • We have been measuring the carbon footprint of three of our core products over this past year – one pork, one chicken and one vegan. The documents have been sent off and we shall have some reports back very soon. When we receive the results, we will try to reduce these figures. We always try and source our ingredients as local as possible, with most coming from the UK, however there’s always room for improvement.
  • Towards the end of this year, we are extending our main factory so that our veggie and frozen production will be on the same site, here at HECK HQ. This will reduce transport and improve efficiency.
  • We open our factory shop every Saturday morning so the local community can come and stock up on short-dated stock. This ensures nothing is thrown away. 
  • Last year we installed a vertical farm here on the HECK site and have begun to grow our own veg/herbs. The plan is to start harvesting some ingredients to use in our products. At the moment, we import basil from Spain. It can become bruised in transir and so if we could grow it here it would reduce transportation, be more efficient, reduce waste and saving money.
  • HECK measures water usage and can put in place water saving measures. We measure our water & electricity usage weekly using meters. We have make sure that water taps are not dripping, engineers doing checks to ensure there are no leakages, our hygiene team only uses hose pipe guns to clean floors.
Heck are trying to encourage a greener transport by doing the following:
  • Some staff members can walk/cycle to work and lots of our staff car share, reducing the number of cars on the road each day. HECK has a mini bus who collects and drops off factory workers each day.
  • HECK are looking to install a car charging point at the front of the factory for both staff and visitors to use.



  • HECK has sponsored Bedale Football Club for the past 5 years now. The sausage inspired football kits are very striking and raise both money and awareness for Prostate Cancer UK.
  • At HECK, when we have vacancies, we do try to employ local people. 
  • We issue many raffle-prize vouchers for a huge variety of charity fundraisers every week. We also donate lots of products to charity events. 
  • We have donated lots of money to several charities, mostly local eg. Harrogate’s Saint Michael’s Hospice. We have held McMillan Coffee Morning’s here at Heck HQ too, inviting the locals to come along and encouraging our staff members to get busy baking. This is great for staff moral and involves the locals. Andrew Keeble, the founder here at HECK speaks at many conferences/events and charges £1000 which is donated to their chosen charity. Andrew and the HECK team have also done several school visits, educating students about healthy eating, how to get a job in the food industry and more.
  • HECK donates surplus stock to several food banks and homeless shelters in the local area.
  • Before covid struck, we invited the local community to come have a free lunch at HECK HQ once a month. This attracted lots of elderly neighbours who are feeling a bit lonely. The team sit with them and provide a table service. Since covid, the factory has been unable to invite visitors but instead, we have delivered seasonal lunches to their doors, as well as gifted limited-edition packs. 
  • Another thing we did prior to covid was factory tours for various groups such as the WI, school trips etc. We do not charge for tours, but suggest visitors donate to a charity of their choice.
  • The HECK team litter pick along the side of the A1 on a regular basis.
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