Generation Superfood…

Generation Superfood…
We’ve all seen the word Superfood in the press. This term is usually referring to nutrient-rich foods with the benefits to supposedly give a positive effect on someone’s health. But what is a superfood?

Unfortunately, superfood is not always all that it seems. It has been used as a marketing tool to gauge people’s interest; these foods are still good for you, but they won’t give you super powers.

However here are some foods that might make you feel a bit more super inside.



Berries are a nutritional powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. The strong antioxidant capacity of berries is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and other inflammatory conditions.

Berries may also be effective in treating various digestive and immune-related disorders when used alongside traditional medical therapies.

Some of the most common berries include:

  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Cranberries

You may eat them for breakfast, as a dessert, on a salad, in a smoothie or as a snack. The health benefits of berries are versatile and can be added to any food.


Dark Leafy Greens

Dark green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of nutrients including zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin C and fibre

Part of what makes them so super is their potential to reduce your risk of chronic illnesses including heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Leafy Greens to look out for….

  • Kale
  • Swiss chard
  • Collard greens
  • Spring Greens
  • Spinach

Some leafy greens have a bitter taste and not everyone enjoys them plain. You can get creative by including them in your favourite soups, juices, stir-fries and curries.


Green Tea

Green tea, originally from China, is rich in antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds which have strong anti-inflammatory effects.

Research indicates that the caffeine in green tea may make it an effective tool for weight loss in some people.

The best thing about green tea is that it comes in so many different flavours such as

  • Green tea with lemon
  • Green tea with mint
  • Green tea with ginger



Eggs in the past have had a bad rap due to their high cholesterol content but much to everyone’s surprise they’re also one of the healthiest foods. Whole eggs are rich in nutrients including B vitamins, vitamin A, iron and high-quality protein.

Eggs also are known to protect vision and eye health as they contain two antioxidants called zeaxanthin and lutein. 


Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are full of fibre, vegetarian protein and healthy fats. Nuts and seeds are also packed with various plant compounds with anti-inflammatories and antioxidant properties. They also promote a protective effect against heart disease. 

Try eating -

  • Almonds
  • Pecans
  • Walnuts
  • Cashews
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Chia Seeds

To incorporate nuts and seeds into your meals, you could add cashews to a stir fry, sprinkle pumpkin seeds on your salad or have almond butter on toast for breakfast.

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