Everyday there is a growing awareness of different diets & food trends, with a Flexitarian diet being one of them. It’s simple, straight forward and nutritious.

It is no secret that as a nation we need to get more fruit & veg into our diet and a flexitarian diet can really enforce that, without having to fully compromise meat – its all about balance!

A flexitarian diet can be the answer to those who have thought about going vegetarian but aren’t quite ready to give up their favourite animal products because it really doesn’t have to be all or nothing!

Here are some different ways you can approach this as its important you have a diet that works for you and can enjoy:

  • Allocating days where you only consume plant-based foods, i.e a meat-free Monday
  • Trying to have at least one meat-free meal a day
  • Continuing to consume meat products but having smaller quantities in meals & making up for it with extra veg

What are the benefits of a Flexitarian diet?

  • Aid weightloss
  • Decrease risk of heart disease
  • Decrease risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • Increased fibre consumption
  • Reduce carbon footprint – this is something we are becoming more & more aware of

To get your flexitarian diet started, take a look at our new HECK 60/40 range, designed purposefully for a flexitarian diet. They consist of 60% meat and 40% veggie favourites, such as spinach, red pepper & feta & are full of flavour!