HECK On Tour: You Could Spot Us Out & About This Autumn!

We’re rolling up to a location near you in an ice cream van with a tasty twist, HECK could be coming to you this autumn where we’ll be handing out some tasty Bangin’ Bites!

Back With a Bang-er! Guy Porks Is Coming to Aldi Soon

Your favourite pork sausages will be back for a limited-time only!

Grab a Pack of Posh Nuggets In Morrisons Stores Today!

Have you been wanting to try out our new Posh Nuggets? You can get your hands on a pack in Morrisons from today!

We’re Looking for a Technical Co-ordinator to Join the Team at HECK

  You will need all hands on deck as a Technical Co-ordinator at HECK! If you have the same uncompromising atti...

A Journey Through Heck’s Production Line Through The Eyes Of Basil

Heck is set to give a tour of our vertical farm on Channel 5’s On The Farm

The Inside Scoop on The Creation of Heck’s Posh Nuggets

Find out how Heck’s dinner lady went from feeding her grandchildren & hungry Heck workers to feeding the nation!

HECKFlix & Chill: Win the Ultimate Night In

Keep reading if you want to find out how to win a 1 year Netflix subscription, a TV to enjoy it on and some fantastic HECK goodies…

Flex It Up With Recipes From Our New 60/40 Flexi Range

If you want to try out a more flexitarian-style diet but you’re not sure where to begin, take a look at our recipes for some inspo.

Warm Up Your Autumn Dishes With NEW HECK Pork Italia Sausages

Our HECK Pork Italia Sausage recipes introduce the tastes of Sicily to your autumn cooking. 

Hello HECK 60/40! Six New Flexi Lines Ready to Grab at Tesco Stores RIGHT NOW

If you know you need to up your veg intake, or want to adopt a flexitarian diet – there’s plenty from HECK to get your taste buds going in Tescos!

Cook Up A Touch Of Sicily With HECK Pork Italia Sausages From Tescos

HECK Pork Italia Sausages has landed in Tescos stores. As we wave goodbye to summer and welcome in some hearty autumn food, at a touch of Sicilian influence to your dishes.
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