Celebrate Earth Day With HECK

Celebrate Earth Day With HECK

Earth Day is every day at HECK! We’ve been taking steps to produce our products in a more environmentally-friendly way, so when you pick up a HECK products from the shelves, not only will you get to relish in our great flavour you can swear by, but you’ll also be making a more sustainable choice!


As we celebrate Earth Day, we wanted to let you know the steps we’ve been taking over the last few years to ensure we’re paving the way for the future of sustainable farming and helping you make informed choices so you can eat for the environment.


One of the first steps we took towards the future of sustainable farming was the installation of our vertical farm, the first of its kind in Yorkshire and making us the first food brand to grow our own herbs onsite! Now we can grow our own basil to go into our popular Chicken Italia and Vegan Italia ranges, helping us to reduce our food miles and say goodbye to pesticides and herbicides, amongst many other huge benefits that help us to further protect the environment!


When you pick up any of our popular chicken or pork products, you’ll be able to see our brand new carbon footprint labels! With the help of CarbonCloud, who help food brands to calculate and improve their carbon footprint, over the next six months we’ll be adding these labels to all HECK products so you can make more sustainable choices when you’re doing your weekly food shop.


We’ve also been talking to Ivy Farm Technologies about co-developing a range of cultivated meat products, which will help us to produce your favourite HECK products in a much more sustainable way! You can find out more about this unique process and why it’s great for the future of farming here.


It can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to living a more sustainable lifestyle, but we’ve made it that bit easier! So, why not start with HECK?



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