HECK Are Looking Towards A More Sustainable Future

HECK Are Looking Towards A More Sustainable Future

We’re looking to the future of farming and have been talking to food-tech pioneer Ivy Farm Technologies about co-developing a range of cultivated meat products so we can provide you with your favourite HECK products in a more sustainable way.


Producing cultivated meat is a process whereby cells are taken from living animals and then grown in cultivators, which recreate what happens inside an animal’s body in order to produce meat that is filled with the same nutrients and protein as it would be naturally. This unique process is great for the future of farming and sustainability as it will help to reduce the need to raise as many farm animals for food.


Jamie Keeble, HECK! Co-Founder, said “We are always looking to the future of farming and there are some really exciting developments in cultivated meat, that delivers in terms of food security and sustainability. Whilst it’s some way off from being available on supermarket shelves and we are very much championing our existing farmer supply chain, there are some fantastic education opportunities about future solutions to feeding the nation.”


Our partnership with Ivy Farm Technologies will be the first in the UK between a major food brand and cultivated meat producer and is one of many steps that we’re taking towards creating a more sustainable future. Other steps we’re taking include our amazing vertical farm where we can grow our own herbs and reduce our food miles, and we will also start to include climate labelling on our packaging so you can make more sustainable decisions when you’re doing your weekly shop!


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