Sausages that play out of their skins! HECK goes Naked!

Meet our HECK Naked range… sausages created without the skin for a juicier, more versatile sausage… naked as the day they were born.

We know just how useful and versatile sausage meat can be, so we have brought back two new sausages without their skins.

Ready for anything!

Naked Pork is joined by a Naked Chicken for all our Skinless fans who want to get creative.

  • Naked Chicken. A roast chicken flavoured sausage, great for people looking for a low-fat alternative to a traditional pork skinless sausage. This is also the perfect fix for those of you who avoid red meat!

  • Naked Pork. Our old favourite with a new improved twist on the old recipe. Much beloved of children and people who don’t like sausage skins.

Both products are great for using as an ingredient in recipes when the skin just gets in the way.   Take a look at some recipes we’ve put together to give you some ideas on what you can do with your Naked.

Make what you will…

If these recipes don't take your fancy, don't worry we have plenty more! Take a look on the recipes page to discover more tasty dishes to create with our new Naked Pork and Naked Chicken sausages. 

Tell us about your recipes and post us a pic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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