Limited Edition Alert! Grab HECK! Steak & Butter Sausages Online

Limited Edition Alert! Grab HECK! Steak & Butter Sausages Online

You know us, we love to push boundaries here at HECK! and are always looking to try something new. So, we’ve created something that’s never been done before…Steak & Butter Sausages!

Here at HECK!, we love sausages. So much so that we’ve made bundles of flavours to keep your mealtimes interesting! This month, we wanted to give you something you’ve probably never tried before…a beef sausage! Yep, we’ve introduced some fabulous limited edition HECK Steak & Butter Sausages to our Steak & Butter range; tempting your taste-buds with a combination of prime cuts of British beef, homemade seasoning and a healthy dollop of butter to make them a melt-in-your-mouth kind of delicious.

So, if you fancy something different for your Sunday lunch or frying-up a full English with a twist, give the brand new HECK! Steak & Butter Sausages a try! They’re available for a limited time online only, so get them added to your baskets soon!

And, if you fancy giving the rest of our Steak & Butter range a try, check them out below 👇

HECK! Steak & Butter Burgers

HECK! Steak & Butter Meatballs


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