Start Strong & Finish Flavourful at the HECK! Rasher Run

Start Strong & Finish Flavourful at the HECK! Rasher Run

Thanks to bad weather, Pork Run sadly didn’t go ahead in March, but now we’ve got an even better 5k run for you: Rasher Run! Join us on 27 April for a scenic jog at HECK! Q in Kirklington.

It’s time to lace up your running shoes once again because we’re bringing a sizzling twist to the classic Park Run with our very own Rasher Run on 27 April, right here at HECK! Q.

Why is it called Rasher Run? Well, we can’t spill all the beans, but after you’ve completed the scenic 5k route that surrounds our headquarters, we’ll keep you well-fed with an exclusive first-try of a brand new product that’s coming to Sainsbury’s on 1 May.

We welcome seasoned runners, casual joggers and walkers to come along, so anyone with any ability is welcome to join us!


Where Can You Find Us?

Saturday 27 April, kick-off at 9am


Lime Lane,






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