Forget BBQ Week, It’s BBQ Month!

Forget BBQ Week, It’s BBQ Month!

If you know anything about HECK, you’ll know that BBQ season is our favourite time of year, so forget BBQ Week, it’s BBQ Month! We have a bunch of exciting BBQ-related things lined up for June, so watch this space.


With a number of different BBQ-related things happening in June, we thought we’d make it BBQ Month here at HECK! From some exciting limited edition products hitting Aldi’s middle aisle to a special Father’s Day Bundle, there’s plenty to help you get the BBQ going this month – including our amazing BBQ Bundle!


If the warm weather has been making you itch to dig the BBQ out, our BBQ Bundle has a delicious range of products that are just waiting to be thrown on the fire!

Alternatively, if you’re not quite sure what to treat the father figure in your life to this Father’s Day, we have a special giveaway coming up so you can cook up something special for him. Stay tuned to find out more soon!

Plus, if you don’t quite fancy going to the effort of stoking up your own BBQ, we’re pulling out the grill at HECK! Q for a special BBQ Day so you can bring your friends and family along for some food, drinks, fun and hopefully some sun! Find out more here.



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