12 Days of Christmas Recipes: Chicken & Stuffing Pasta

Heck Chicken & Stuffing Pasta Recipe

In a panic to make sure they have everything they need, people tend to go a bit nuts with their Christmas food shop, and there’s always at least one pack of stuffing left in the cupboard. If you always find yourself with leftover stuffing, we have the perfect recipe for you: Chicken & Stuffing Pasta!


In the first of 12 days of fabulously festive recipes heading your way, we have Chicken & Stuffing Pasta! We know what you’re thinking, “Stuffing? In pasta?”, but trust us, it tastes de-lici-ous, especially when it’s stirred up with some HECK! Simply Chicken Mince. Sometimes it’s the unconventional things that form some of the best recipes!

If this sounds like something you could get your tastebuds around, take a look at the recipe on our website or follow it step by step over on Instagram👇



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