We’re Giving Back With the HECK! Community Fund

We’re Giving Back With the HECK! Community Fund

We’re always thinking of ways we can give back to our communities, and the new HECK! Community Fund will help us to give back like never before.


Here to strengthen and uplift our communities, the HECK! Community Fund embodies our commitment to giving back and making a difference to the lives of those around us. Whether through financial support, volunteering our team’s time or enriching community events with our products and prizes, we’re here to help where it matters most.

Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, you could receive some HECK! funding from simply sharing your story with us here. Once a month, we’ll review all submissions, searching for projects that align with our core values and the impact potential of support.

We believe in the power of community, and together, we can create waves of positive changes, one helping hand at a time. Join us in making a difference!


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