Watch HECK! on Channel 4’s Supermarkets Unwrapped

Watch HECK! on Channel 4’s Supermarkets Unwrapped

Once again, HECK!’s Sausage Scientist, Calum Smith, is on TV and revealing the secrets of getting the right “bite” for HECK! Meat-Free Sausages. Catch him on Channel 4’s Supermarkets Unwrapped on Monday 10th July at 8pm.


Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped paid HECK! a visit for another episode of Supermarkets Unwrapped , where HECK!’s Calum Smith showed the programmes presenter, John Whaite, how we use seaweed science to get the best bite for our vegan bangers. HECK! produces 90,000 meat-free sausages every day and are made using a seaweed-based casing, which can be changed by a micro millimetre so we can replicate the bite of our pork sausages.

Whilst following our vegan sausages down the line, Calum explained to John, “We work hard to get every aspect of the sausage perfect in every way, and our “bite” test is effectively a really scientific way to check the snap of the sausage delivers.”

Jamie Keeble, HECK! Co-Founder, said “Our meat free sausages are really popular, and we’ve seen a lot of growth in this area as a company, where consumers want a tasty meat replacement. Meat free is available now 3000 stores nationwide, and we’ve just doubled our distribution in Tesco, so there’s obviously a real appetite for them.”


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