The Inside Scoop on The Creation of Heck’s Posh Nuggets

The Inside Scoop on The Creation of Heck’s Posh Nuggets

This granny from Bramham is about to give chicken nuggets a good name again! Claire Proctor, dinner lady at Heck, has created a chicken nuggets recipe that is full of flavour AND has the added benefit of being super healthy.


When Jamie Keeble, Co-Founder of Heck, tried Claire’s ‘gourmet goujons’, he decided to send them out to retailers so the rest of the nation could give them a try, which is when they became our brand new HECK Posh Nuggets.


Claire has gone from perfecting her recipe at home with her grandchildren to feeding the hungry mouths of families across the country, providing a delicious version of classic treat but with no hidden ingredients! Available in two flavours, Piri Piri and Chicken Italia, HECK Posh Chicken Nuggets are ideal for a quick, healthy treat or a tasty post-workout snack if you need an extra boost of protein! You can find them on the shelves of over 500 Asda stores across the UK and they’ll be hitting Morrisons very soon.


Find out which Asda stores you can find our Posh Chicken Nuggets in here.



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