Spotted: HECK in Leeds Bradford Airport!

Spotted: HECK in Leeds Bradford Airport!

Next time you’re on your travels from or to Leeds Bradford Airport, HECK! will be there to give you a warm Yorkshire welcome (or farewell)!

Next time you’re waiting for your bags at Leeds Bradford Airport, you’ll see the advertising on the baggage carousels now feature HECK! sausages, giving you a hecking good warm welcome to Yorkshire! And, if you’re heading out of the country, HECK! will also be there to say “ta-ra, cocker!”

If you’re tempted to grab some HECK! On your way home from the airport, don’t look at us 👀 Besides, nothing says home like a damn good HECK! Sausage...

Next time you’re at the airport, make sure to have a look out for HECK! and let us know if you spotted us over on Instagram or Facebook.



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