One Year On! Find Out What Calum Has Been Up To Since C4’s The Job Interview Last Year

One Year On! Find Out What Calum Has Been Up To Since C4’s The Job Interview Last Year

It’s been a year since Calum was on C4’s The Job Interview.  Phew!  Doesn’t time fly?  Find out what he’s been up to since joining us.

Avid HECK fans will recall how we hired Calum on C4’s The Job Interview, which was aired this time last year.  In what has got to be one of the most nerve-wracking ways of being interviewed for a job, being aired on TV has to be up there at the top of the list!

But since then Calum has proved to us that he’s definitely a ‘keeper’,  working on at least 14 new product development recipes since he joined HECK.

So one year down the line, we wanted to celebrate Calum!  We caught up with him for a quick Q&A.

How did it feel to get your dream job?

Lost for words! It felt like I had found the career path I was destined to be following and couldn’t wait to get started! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell my family and friends the good news!  I knew I had to go the extra mile to get the job and I even hand delivered my CV.

The role I applied for was a combination of creativity and innovation all wrapped up in a delicious parcel. I had only a tiny amount of food science background from my food technology course at high school, so was a bit of a wild card, but I love food and had always wanted a career in this area.


What else would you be doing now?

Working as a manager at Pizza Express and helping my girlfriend with her roadside cafe.


Why is good food important?

It's all about the emotions it invokes and the people you spend time eating good food with. I have so many happy memories of cooking with my family and I love the fact I can now bring all my love of food to everyone's plate with HECK.


How has the job been, did it feel daunting?

It's been an incredible whirlwind developing new products all the time, visiting new suppliers of food tech (we're working on a new vegan and vegetarian range) and also working with a fantastic team of people across the business.

I've been given a huge amount of creative and technical freedom, but because everything is new, we're all learning. The sky is literally the limit and at HECK, no idea is a bad idea. The company really lives up to its slogan "What the Heck!" and we're all encouraged to try anything and it doesn't matter if it succeeds or fails. 


And if you really want to know, here are all the fabulous HECK products that made it to the supermarket shelves that Calum has worked on since joining us. 

  • HECK Majestic for Harry & Meghan’s wedding!

  • HECK Pork & Marmalade Sausages for Yorkshire stores

  • The HECK Hallowiener special for Sainsbury’s

  • HECK Pork & Wensleydale Sausages for Yorkshire stores

  • The Ultimate Burger

  • HECK Chicken Italia Burger

  • HECK Simply Chicken Burger

  • The Beet Goes On Vegan Sausages

  • HECK Super Greens Vegan Sausages

  • HECK Sweet Fusion Vegan Sausages

  • HECK Bollywood Vegan Sausages

Hasn’t he been busy?

What is more, there are many, many more still in the pipeline for HECK fans to enjoy in 2019!

Hooray for Calum!