What's That Sound? It's the Sound of HECK!

What's That Sound? It's the Sound of HECK!

We’ve brought HECK to life with a brand-new catchy beat, so be prepared to get it stuck in your head because it will be popping up everywhere!


Written and produced by Neighbourhood Jukebox, who have worked with stars like Rihanna and Lewis Capaldi, the sound of HECK encapsulates everything our brand stands for…which is providing you with one HECK of a flavour!


Keep an ear out for our new sound popping up everywhere, but be warned: it’s an earworm. Whether you hear it on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify or even on TV – we want to know! So, make sure to head over to our Instagram or Facebook page and let us know where you heard it first.


Check out our video below and see if you can pick up some of the dance moves along the way!




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