HECK’s Sausage Scientist Reveals His Secrets

HECK’s Sausage Scientist Reveals His Secrets

The mastermind behind some of your favourite HECK! recipes, Calum Smith, spoke to BBC Inside the Factory’s Gregg Wallace and revealed the secret behind getting the right “bite” for our vegan sausages. 


Calum grew up surrounded by food, with his earliest memory being the smell of baking at his both his dad and grandad’s bakeries. Having learned to cook from an early age, he worked hard to become a manager at Pizza Express. When he spotted the job ad for “Sausage Scientist”, Calum knew he had to go for his dream job; one that gave him the creative space to shake up traditional flavours. Appearing on Channel 4’s reality TV show “The Job Interview”, Calum won the job via a blind sausage tasting, showing his employers that he knew a thing or two about flavour and, most importantly, sausages.

Most recently, Calum was the star of the show on a special vegan episode of BBC Inside the Factory, revealing the science behind getting the right “bite” for our bangers to presenter Gregg Wallace. He was also taken down to the production line and shown how HECK!’s delicious vegan sausages are made.

If you missed the show, you can watch it on BBC IPlayer here



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