HECK's Ruby Shares Her Story for Dyslexia Awareness Week

HECK's Ruby Shares Her Story for Dyslexia Awareness Week

Ruby Parkyn (26)

Dyslexia identified aged 15 at school

At HECK I work in marketing and social media.  I do lots of social media posts that I try and spell check before posting, but I tend to don’t worry too much as there are always a lot of people to jump on the status to correct me if it’s wrong!

My dyslexia hasn’t held me back - in fact it’s probably become my reason to push myself to succeed and it’s allowed me to get on the career ladder without having to follow the traditional educational routes.

I don’t have a degree in social media or marketing.  I started at HECK when I was 17 fell into the role because I love being creative and talking to people.  My job means I get to use my creative skills and everyone says I’ve got an outgoing and bubbly personality so I really get on with all of our customers we engage with online and meet at shows, and I really play to this strength.  It’s hard work and we’re always busy, but it’s great fun too.

The reason I love doing what I do is because I feel I can make a difference in the HECK business without having to focus too much on data co-ordination as I find lots of words and numbers difficult.

At school I always found exams hard and very stressful, but course work & practical work were my best areas. Product design and media were my best subjects, closely followed by business studies.

I don’t think my dyslexia has held me back at HECK.  We are a very open-minded and accepting team, and at HECK dyslexia is part of the norm – there’s quite a few of us here who have it.  All the support is there, all you have to do is ask and there is always somebody willing to proof read or check something if needed.