HECK’s James Is Leading The Way In Helping Us Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

HECK’s James Is Leading The Way In Helping Us Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

HECK’s James has joined in with the #showemwhatyouremadeof challenge. He has begun a course on ‘Net Zero Emissions’ to help HECK make further gains on their carbon footprint.


HECK’s James jumped at the chance to join in with our #showemwhatyouremadeof campaign. He has begun an 8 week course run by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability entitled ‘Business & Climate Change: Towards Net Zero Emissions’, a CPD certified course that he hopes will help him to help HECK make even more improvements on their carbon footprint. Here we let James explain his involvement in the project.


“I’ve really appreciated the chance to sign up for this cause as part of the HECK #showemwhatyouremadeof campaign. I have had a long-held interest in ‘net zero’ where businesses aim to match their carbon emissions with initiatives to cancel them out, leaving them with a ‘net zero carbon footprint’. So this seemed the best opportunity to sign up and learn more.


The course is 8 weeks long with 8 modules to complete, one a week. I have been learning about the science behind climate change and why all businesses need to aim for ‘net zero’ for the future sustainability of our planet. So far, it’s been a fascinating journey that is very business focussed and I am hoping to bring in some of the things I learn on the course and put them into practice at HECK.


My job involves looking after the day to day Production Operations across both HECK factories, including staffing levels and delivery of the production plan. I have to deliver the production plan in as efficient a way as possible to keep things running smoothly and so signing up for this course seemed a perfect fit.


I am due to present to the team at HECK what I have learned so far, so am putting this presentation together at the moment. HECK is very well known for innovating, and have been working on a vertical farm project to reduce food miles and the carbon footprint of the herbs that go into HECK products so I am sure that there will be lots we can do after I’ve finished my course, which is an exciting prospect.”


Our #showemwhatyourmadeof campaign was started at the end of 2020 by HECK’s Jack who undertook an amazing fundraising walk from Yorkshire to Cornwall, and it’s great to see people signing up and joining in. We’ll keep you posted on how the team are doing, so keep an eye on our blog. In meantime, if you would like to show *US* what you’re made of, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.


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