HECK’s Gemma Is Pushing Us For A Paperless System

HECK’s Gemma Is Pushing Us For A Paperless System

HECK’s Gemma has joined in with the  #showemwhatyouremadeof challenge. She is pushing us to move to a paperless office system to help reduce our carbon footprint and office waste. 


HECK’s Gemma has joined in with our #showemwhatyouremadeof campaign, by taking on a project to install a paperless system in HECK Headquarters. There are many efficiencies she is pushing to introduce, but we’ll also get to reduce our office waste and our carbon footprint by reducing our reliance on printed paper based documentation too.  But we’ll let Gemma explain her project.


“This campaign to get everyone at HECK to consider how they can make a meaningful difference has been a great opportunity for me to put forward a project that is really close to my heart.


I wanted to take the lead on looking at installing a paperless system in the hopes to make recording information on the shop floor a more streamlined and efficient process for the guys down there.  Working in the Technical Department, I have had the opportunity to observe that there were loads of efficiencies that could be made in the way we do things that would make our lives easier.

One of the other key advantages of the paperless system is that it will also improve the accuracy of the records for traceability purposes which plays a massive part in food safety and is a legal requirement!  The same system will also be a big help to our Technical team when they carry out traceability exercises as all the information will be at our fingertips rather than having to sift through boxes and boxes of production records. 


And of course, another big bonus is the amount of paper that will be saved, which will really help with our carbon output and the levels of paper waste we generate that will no longer need to be disposed of.

The first step before implementing the system on the factory floor is building all of our current paperwork on to the system.  We decided to start with the Sleeving Room. This is where our products are sleeved, dated, boxed and palleted, ready for despatch. This room has the least amount of forms to build, so I thought it was best to start here and build the forms based on the training I received. We’ve made great progress and now have the Sleeving Room forms already to go on the system, so will have these in action before the end of April!


It’s great to have had the opportunity to undertake this project and see such quick results on one small part of the business put in place already. I firmly believe that by the end of it, I will have people at HECK see how much more efficient we are and will be asking me why I didn’t suggest this earlier!”


Our #showemwhatyourmadeof campaign was started at the end of 2020 by HECK’s Jack who undertook an amazing fundraising walk from Yorkshire to Cornwall, and it’s great to see people signing up and joining in.  We’ll keep you posted on how the team are doing, so keep an eye on our blog.  In meantime, if you would like to show *US* what you’re made of, get in touch!  We’d love to hear from you. 


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