HECK’s Ellie & Ben Inspire The Next Generation

HECK’s Ellie & Ben Inspire The Next Generation

HECK was created because many of us had a background in food and farming and we wanted to find a way to work together, build a business and create a great place to work. 

Ben and myself have quite a different background. My family started their first business when I was 4 and I have lived and breathed food and farming all my life and spent some time at agricultural college. I went to primary school with Ben and many of the other HECK team, but he took a different approach to his career and has currently completed an accountancy degree while working with HECK.

Our “In It Together” approach means that we believe anyone can achieve what they want with some inspiration and support. As my mum always says, “You don’t know what you don’t know!”

That’s when we decided to spend a couple of days a month visiting schools, either talking to food technology students and cooking with them, or presenting to careers and enterprise students talking about how to start your own business.  

We’ve been delighted with the response and have visited quite a few schools during the last academic year and in the first few weeks of this year, which is a key time for students thinking about their future higher education and careers.  

We’ve presented to sixth formers over breakfast, food tech students over lunch and also been part of careers fairs as young people decide on what they would like to do in the future. A few of the schools include Cornwallis in Maidstone, Bethany in Pembury, Wrotham in Borough Green and Kent College. In October we are out and about in Herefordshire and Durham.

If you would like us to come along to your school, please get in touch. We can either organise a cooking session and can tailor our talk to the relevant age and interest, whether it be food or enterprise. Please email me, Ellie Keeble, if you’d like us to come along ellie@heckfood.co.uk

At Wrotham school in their impressive Food Pod, to present to two groups of students between years 9 and 11. Each group cooked up a Heck feast of burgers, sausages, and balls and then got a chance to wow us with their own ideas for new types of sausage. It was a great fun session and we met a couple of budding chefs. The students were really creative and also gave us some fantastic ideas for future sausages and burger ideas. 


At Bethany School, we were asked some challenging questions about the future of Britain post-Brexit! Not bad for 8.30am in the morning!

Here’s what some of the schools have had to say about our visit:


“It was a treat to welcome Ellie and Ben to Bethany for a youthful, dynamic and enthusiastic presentation to our pupils. Their talk was truly inspirational to our Sixth Form, many of whom are looking to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit. On hearing this duo speak, it came as no surprise to hear of HECK’s truly impressive turnover.”  

Tim Hart Dyke, The Head of Sixth Form, Bethany School.


“Ellie and Ben were inspirational and our students were engaged in both the talk, the cooking and the follow-up question and answers. We are very proud of our Food Pod and the food tech team, which provided the perfect setting for the visit. The visit by HECK brought the whole of the food industry to life and also inspired some of our foodies to think about the type of business they could start themselves.”

The Assistant Head Teacher of Wrotham, Katie James.


“I heard many students and parents comment how amazing Ben and Ellie are. Their youth and vitality never fails to impress - especially after spending all day touring the county. They managed to convey all the excitement that is so typical of young entrepreneurs. Several of our students are beginning to think that there is now another option for them. The sausages were universally pronounced delicious by the way!”

Gill Shukla, Head of Careers at Kent College.

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