HECK! Welcomes the New Windsor Framework

HECK! Welcomes the New Windsor Framework

With the announcement of the new Windsor Framework, we’re hoping this means our friends in Northern Ireland can expect to see HECK! back in their fridges by the end of the year!

It was a really tough decision to pull HECK! products from stores in Northern Ireland, and even though it was one we really didn’t want to have to make, our hands were tied. So, when news came out about the new Windsor Framework last week, you wouldn’t believe how pleased we were that there’s finally a way forward!

We’re hoping our friends over the water will be able to stock up on HECK! as soon as September, all being well. On the new framework, HECK!’s Jamie Keeble said, “We’re looking at the technical detail now. We have been operating in extraordinary times over the last three years and being a food manufacturer has had huge challenges, but this is a huge opportunity to get back in Northern Ireland and hopefully it’ll also be a gateway back into the EU. We’re more than happy to do the paperwork.”

If you’re based in Northern Ireland and want to know when HECK! could be back in a store near you, make sure to stay tuned on our Instagram or Facebook pages. 


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