HECK! We think It’s Time To Think Positively About Dyslexia

HECK! We think It’s Time To Think Positively About Dyslexia

Notice something different about our logo?  We’ve muddled up the spelling this month to highlight Dyslexia Awareness Week which takes place between 2nd and 8th October, and to support the British Dyslexia Association’s theme this year which is Positive about Dyslexia

With as many as one in 10 people recognised as having dyslexia, including quite a few in our team here at HECK, it’s something we hold close to our hearts, so we’re getting behind the week and getting involved in the great opportunity to spread the word and share knowledge and understanding of the condition to help create a dyslexia-friendly society.

With many high profile celebrities affected, including Sir Jackie Stewart, Richard Branson, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg, plus our very own Andrew, Roddy, Ruby and Liv here at HECK, we are very open about the condition and all work together so that those of us not strong on words and numbers always have support to help them out.

“I have come to see that having dyslexia is a positive influence on my life rather than a disadvantage, as it helps me think differently.  I am able to use my imagination and creativity when it comes to creating new branding or products – it may challenge me with some skills, but it allows me to excel in other areas.” Liv, HECK. Read Liv's story 

“I think there is so much more awareness around dyslexia and positive role models now, but it’s still important to continue to raise awareness as there’s always more work to be done to make sure people get the right support once they’ve been recognised as having the condition, especially in the workplace.” Ruby, HECK  Read Ruby's story 

World Dyslexia Awareness Day takes place on Thursday 5th October 2017, so watch out for news and activities from across the dyslexia associations of the world.

For more information on the British Dyslexia Association and Dyslexia Awareness Week, take a look here: