HECK says Check ‘em lads!

HECK says Check ‘em lads!

HECK are supporting the Movember Foundation this year and we have carried out new research among 2,000 Brits into the lack of knowledge about testicular cancer.

New research one week before the start of Movember reveals: 

  • 90% of men don't realise testicular cancer is more likely to affect younger men
  • More than eight out of 10 men (82%) find it embarrassing to discuss their testicles with a parent or GP
  • Almost one third of Scotsmen (30%) and Northern Irishmen (30%) nevercheck their testicles
  • More than one fifth of men in the South-West (21%) would not seek medical help straight away if they felt something unusual on a testicle


HECK is renaming to CHECK for the month to help raise awareness and funds for The Movember Foundation.

Other results from the research include:

  • More than one third of men wouldn’t know what to feel for when checking their own testicles… rising to almost half (47%) for respondents in London
  • 85% of men in the North-East believe that a lot of men find it embarrassing to discuss their testicles with a parent or GP
  • Just four in ten 18-24 year old men would know what to look for, compared with six in ten over-55s​
  • Less than half of women (46.8%) would know what to feel for when checking their partner’s testicles
  • More than 90% of women don’t realize testicular cancer is more likely to affect young men than old


Jamie Keeble, co-founder of HECK, found a small lump on one of his testicles earlier this year and says, “I found a small lump, immediately went to my GP and received the correct diagnosis.  As difficult as it was to hear the news, I’m glad I spoke up.  What our research shows is that far too many young men don’t realise this cancer is more likely to affect us than our dads.

“It also shows that too many men would stay quiet if they found something and that there is a widespread lack of knowledge about what ‘wrong’ feels like.”

Andrew Keeble, co-founder of HECK and Jamie’s dad says, “Too many men are dying too young, and too many of those are dying from ignorance or embarrassment. We have to bring this disease out in to the open and get more guys checking themselves, more often, and speaking up if they feel something's not quite right.

“It's 2016 and we have a fifth of guys saying they wouldn’t get help straightaway if they felt something was wrong and more than a third saying they never check themselves – this is crazy!”

Director of Partnerships at Movember UK & Europe, Laura Mair, says “Unfortunately this latest polling from HECK is accurate. Too many men are not checking themselves, not knowing what to look for and being too embarrassed to discuss the subject.  Tackling these taboos head on, getting more men educated on the health risks they face, taking action when needed and talking when things get tough, is exactly why The Movember Foundation exists.”