Save Sausage Week! It’s a Sausage Party With Our Special Bundle

Save Sausage Week! It’s a Sausage Party With Our Special Bundle

Help us save Sausage Week! Our fabulous Save Sausage Week Bundle has got to be the way to get the nation munching on sausages, and celebrating this most magnificent of foods just like we always have.

Horror of horrors! Sausage Week has been cancelled and you can just imagine how much that wounds us (we are a sausage factory after all ;-)).

Trick or treating this Halloween will be much quieter than usual due to the ‘rule of 6’ restrictions and social distancing measures. Most public bonfire & firework displays this year have also been called off or have changed format dramatically. Sausage Week is officially declared to be ‘off’ as a result.  But let the sausage party go on, we say!

Whether you plan to eat the whole bag of sweets you bought for trick-or-treaters for Halloween, or will be huddled with your closest family around a brazier in the garden, or setting off indoor fireworks on the kitchen table, you can still capture some of the magic of Halloween and bonfire night in 2020.

We’ve got a Save Sausage Week Bundle deal to keep you and yours well fed, whatever and wherever you celebrate this year.  

1 x Chicken Italia Chipolatas

1 x Heck 97% Sausages

1 x Family Favourite Pork Sausages

1 x Ultimate Vegan Burger

1 x Vegan Italia Chipolatas

1 x Simply Chicken Burger

1 x Spring Chicken Chipolatas

All this for £7.50! Offer ends 1 November promptly at midnight, so take advantage while you can.