HECK Renames As… CHECK To Raise Money For Movember

HECK Renames As… CHECK To Raise Money For Movember

HECK is renaming its Chicken Italia sausages as CHECK to help raise funds and awareness for the Movember Foundation

With Movember just around the corner, Yorkshire food company HECK today announces it will be renaming as CHECK for the month and joining the fight for men’s health.

Packs of the popular Chicken Italia sausages will be renamed CHECK with the company hoping to raise up to £25,000 for Movember Foundation through sales and to encourage thousands more men to take action when it comes to their health, and especially to check themselves for signs of testicular cancer.

At the start of 2016 Jamie Keeble, co-founder and eldest son of the family behind HECK found a lump on one of his testicles which was quickly found to be cancerous, “It was only a small lump, about the size of a 5p coin, but I knew it was wrong and went to see my GP straightaway,” says Jamie. 

“I’m lucky, I caught my cancer early. But conversations with friends and with nurses and doctors have told me that many guys my age simply aren’t aware of either the fact that testicular cancer is more common in younger than older guys, or that they need to check themselves regularly.”

HECK CEO, and Jamie’s dad, Andrew Keeble says, “Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in younger men. Unfortunately too many men feel something unusual but don’t tell anyone, so we’ve got to make it easier for them to say when they feel something isn’t quite right.  Hopefully our packs of CHECK sausages will start some conversations which will raise awareness, and funds and maybe even save some lives.”

Director of Partnerships at Movember UK & Europe Laura Mair says, “We’re excited about HECK’s rebrand to CHECK for Movember which will hopefully drive conversations about men’s health in supermarkets nationwide throughout the month.  Our goal is to stop men dying too young, and in order to achieve this we need more men aware of the risks that they face and to take action when there’s an issue.  HECK has created a really fun way to share this important message, and we encourage all their fans to sign-up to Movember.com and get involved.”

The CHECK products will be found in ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Co-OpBudgens, Booths, Tesco and Waitrose stores throughout November and will cost £2.99.