What’s Mica Been Up To Now?

What’s Mica Been Up To Now?

Sausage Queen, Mica Keeble, has had some experience on the small screen, but her latest TV appearance was a completely different experience! Mica stars in a brand new show on BBC1, Call That Hard Work, to be aired on 17 August at 3.45pm.

Tune in this afternoon and find out what HECK’s Mica Keeble has been up to now. Mica is starring in BBC’s Call That Hard Work at 3.45pm today and we’re so excited we’re all going to tune in to watch!

The show is a fast-paced, competitive series that takes a fun and informative look at the world of work. In each episode, three people who are passionate and proud of what they do for a living, spend a day doing one another’s work to find out whose job is the hardest.

Mica appeared alongside a bingo caller and a stately home landscape gardener and says of the experience, “It was incredibly fun, but really hard work as you can imagine! I can’t reveal who has won, but I certainly learned a lot of new skills.”

Mica was working on the production line at HECK until lockdown, and is now self-isolating and working from a summer house on the family farm, away from the factory as she has underlying health issues.  The BBC programme was filmed well before lockdown, and so it’s a real treat to be able to see it aired finally.

HECK’s Jamie Keeble says, “We’re really proud of Mica. She really put everyone through their paces. Making bangers is quite a difficult job, but Mica is one of our real stars.”

Tune in to watch live, or watch it on catch up, and make sure you tell us what you think over on Instagram and Facebook!