HECK Is One Big Love In!

HECK Is One Big Love In!

Love was found in the most unlikely of places when Roddy Keeble saw Mica Proctor across a busy vegan sausage factory.  It wasn’t long before a sizzling romance was on the menu!

When Roddy first met Mica, he soon became smitten. He won her heart by bringing in sausage sandwiches for her as they worked the late shift together in the HECK vegan sausage factory.   Their romance has even inspired the Limited Edition PECK vegan heart shaped burgers, which are now also being sold in Asda stores in the lead up to Valentine’s Day and the bonus romantic Leap Day later in the month.

Roddy admits that he fell for Mica as soon as he saw her, saying of Mica, “"I was smitten by Mica as soon as I saw her, she is a beautiful girl inside and out and I used to bring her sandwiches to keep her going and we grew closer.”

Their relationship blossomed slowly, with Mica getting to know Roddy better and falling in love with him because he is so sweet and kind. Roddy proposed to Mica just before Christmas in the pub in front of his family and to his delight, Mica accepted.

The pair tied the knot last year at a stunning wedding at the family farm on Howgrave Hall in Bedale, Yorkshire, for 250 guests, where the menu was of course Heck! Vegan and 97 per cent Pork bangers and mash. They also had a horse and carriage and a gospel choir.

Roddy and Mica have since set up home nearby with their sausage dog, Darla and the couple live by the Keeble family motto of ‘What the HECK!”.

Mica says of their relationship, “I got more than I bargained for when I started at Heck! I met Roddy and he won me over with the sandwiches and I couldn't be happier. I reckon surprisingly we must be quite a romantic place, as lots of other people have either got engaged or got together in the last year”.

Inspired by their story, the sausage development team created a vegan Valentine's heart-shaped burger, which has gone down a storm with plant eating fans!

Maybe stock up on a few packs this February and find your own true love with a romantic burger from a very romantic factory!