HECK help the community

HECK help the community

Saint Michael’s Hospice has been offering expert, free care throughout our local community for 30 years now. To mark this incredible achievement, Saint Michael’s are launching a new initiative called H30. The five-year strategy will help expand their services and meet the needs of our entire community. 30 local companies, HECK! included, are going to help fund and raise awareness for this strategy.

The hospice can reach out further to support all those affected by terminal illness. The focus will be towards groups of people, whom for whatever reason are not accessing end of life care as easily as others. They may be homeless, or have additional needs, people from LGBTQ and minority ethnic communities, and people living with terminal illnesses such as dementia.

Saint Michael’s currently spends around £5 million annually providing hospice care. Nearly 85 per cent of this work is funded through donations, fundraising and support. One in five of the patients is also cared for thanks to a kind gift someone has left in their will.

H30 is essential for the future of hospice care in our community.

Izzy and Becky from HECK! attended the launch evening for H30 at Betty’s tearooms in Harrogate last week. They met some of the team, and listened to the CEO, Tony Collins speak about the new initiative. The girls said it was a very enjoyable evening. 

If you'd like to find out more about the local charity, head over to their website here.