The HECK Chocolate Sausage. It’s A Thing!

The HECK Chocolate Sausage. It’s A Thing!

So we thought we had the ultimate April Fool lined up, but then the craziest sounding idea turned out A-MAZE-ING! Start the stampede now for one of the best Easter gifts ever. 

We make sausages for quick suppers, magnificent breakfasts and the summer barbecue, so we thought we’d have a crack at something a little less savoury. What started out as an April Fool idea turned into an “a-ha!” moment for us.

HECK’s Guy and Calum put this chocolate salami through our sausage machine just because they thought they could. And lo and behold, the HECK Chocolate Sausage was born. And it’s pretty amazing.

We’ve made a limited run of these and they make perfect gifts for the chocolate lover in your life. Give them a go. We’d love to know what you think of them!