Hello HECK 60/40! Six New Flexi Lines Ready to Grab at Tesco Stores RIGHT NOW

Hello HECK 60/40! Six New Flexi Lines Ready to Grab at Tesco Stores RIGHT NOW

Introducing the HECK 60/40 Range exclusively in Tesco stores. With our SIX new flexi lines you can up your veg intake whilst switching up the tasty flavours on your plate each night. What’s not to love?


Say hello to our brand new flexi range of flavours, dubbed the HECK 60:40 range – 60% meat and 40% veg to help you effortlessly add more veg and fibre to your diet.


Take a closer look at the range in Tesco stores, or right here in our online shop:


  • HECK Chicken, Minted Pea & Spinach Mince: Find your balance with our chicken mince (60%) with minted pea and spinach (40%). Mix with some noodles, broccoli and lime juice for a stir fry packed full of greens.

  • HECK Chicken, Red Pepper & Feta Burger: Introduce a taste of the Mediterranean to your next burger with our juicy 60/40 chicken burgers with red pepper and feta. Pair them up with smashed avocado, rocket and sundried tomatoes for a flexi feast.

We understand the importance of a healthy, balanced diet, but in making strides to a more sustainable diet too. Adopting more plant-based foods in our diets will help us achieve this, so we’ve created these tasty new products that are better for you, and better for our planet, without compromising on taste.



Take a look at which Tesco stores stock our six new flexi products right here. 



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