12 Days of Christmas Recipes: Festive Loaded Fries

12 Days of Christmas Recipes: Festive Loaded Fries

What tastes better than fries? Festive loaded fries! If you love fries and festive trimmings, then take your tastebuds on a merry journey with our Festive Loaded Fries recipe, the perfect dish to cook up this Christmas.


It’s day 6 of 12 days of Christmas (or HECKsmas, if you prefer), and boy have we got a crowd pleaser for you today! Fries are mostly universally loved, and festive trimmings most definitely are, so we thought “why not combine the two?”, and all we can say is…it’s one of our best ideas yet.

If you love the idea of fries covered in stuffing, cranberry sauce, brie, gravy and HECK Pork, Wensleydale & Cranberry Cocktail Sausages, then our Festive Loaded Fries recipe will jingle all of your bells 🔔


Find out more here or head over to Instagram to find out which ingredients you need and how to make your fries sleigh ⬇️

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