Have We Got News For You!

Have We Got News For You!

Since their release, HECK Beanchup and Eggchup have proven themselves to be the modern-day Marmite as they cause a divide across the country. From journalists across the country to the panellists on the BBC’s Have I Got News For You, the press have had a lot to say about our brand new sauces. 


If you’ve not heard already, we caused a bit of a stir with the release of our new Beanchup and Eggchup sauces. In our opinion, they make the perfect companion for our recently launched HECK Breakfast Sausages or a full English, but…not everyone agrees.


Our sensational sauces have been mentioned in the news everywhere, from The Sun, The Express, Metro, The Mirror to the The Evening Standard, as well as on radio stations LBC and BBC Radio York. Plus, panellists on BBC’s Have I Got News For You had very strong opinions on whether we’d gone a step too far with our new condiments. What do you think?


Watch the panel discuss our Eggchup and Beanchup on Have I Got News For You:



We think they go perfectly with a sausage sarnie. Speaking of, you NEED to try out our new Breakfast Sausage, which is now available in Tescos and Morrisons stores across the country! It makes the perfect companion for a variety of condiments…


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