Gregg Wallace & BBC Inside the Factory Discover the Secrets Behind HECK! Sausages

Gregg Wallace & BBC Inside the Factory Discover the Secrets Behind HECK! Sausages

HECK! invited Gregg Wallace and BBC Inside the Factory to HECK! Q where our sausage scientist, Calum Smith, revealed the secret behind getting the best “bite” for our bangers.

Will you be watching HECK! starring on a special vegan episode of BBC’s Inside the Factory next week? You’ll be able to see our very own sausage scientist, Calum Smith, showing Gregg Wallace the process of creating HECK!’s delicious vegan sausages from start to finish, revealing the secret behind getting the right “bite” for our vegan sausages.

It’s now the second time Gregg has visited HECK! HQ, with the first time being in 2018, where he saw how our popular HECK! 97% Pork Sausages are made. This time around, Gregg followed our vegan sausages down the line and explored the secret behind getting the best bite for our vegan sausages, which is achieved through ground-breaking seaweed science.

“It was great to see Gregg again”, says Calum. “We work hard to get every aspect of the sausage perfect in every way, and our “bite” test is effectively a really scientific way to check the expected snap of the sausage.”

Gregg also harvested some fresh crops from our vertical farm, where we grow various herbs and leafy vegetables for our products as part of our journey to zero carbon. Our vertical farm helps us to decrease airmiles, use less water, herbicides and pesticides when producing the flavours we’re best known for.

Gregg worked with Calum to produce fresh mixes for HECK! Vegan Breakfast Sausages, preparing hoppers of mushroom, carrot and tomato with parsley and sage – harvesting fresh crops from our vertical farm. The mix is then put in a seaweed-based casing, which gives our vegan sausages the perfect bite!


Make sure to tune into BBC Inside the Factory on BBC Two at 8pm on Tuesday 25 April. If you have plans on Tuesday, don’t worry! The episode will be repeated on Saturday 29 April and will then be made available on BBC IPlayer.


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