Find out more about the new HECK Frozen Vegan Range

Find out more about the new HECK Frozen Vegan Range
  • Take a look at the HECK Frozen range of vegan sausages. The same great quality and taste with some hidden extra good stuff included! 

    We are so excited to be launching a brand new range of frozen vegan sausages.  If you run a busy household, you’ll already know how popping some staples in the freezer helps you run your kitchen smoothly, giving you something to hand to cook when time is tight.

    But that’s not all that’s on offer with our new veggie frozen foods.  Because we freeze these sausages at our factory, we don’t need to use the preservatives that go into the fresh range. We’ve also removed the allergens too, which will be really important for some of our fans that are intolerant to sodium sulphite.

    Another advantage for us in our drive to reduce plastic in our packaging, is that frozen sausages give us the perfect opportunity to achieve that.  The sausages are packaged in cardboard which is totally bio-degradable, compostable and recyclable.  You also get 8 sausages per pack instead of 6, so you get to save cash too.

    So a huge range of hidden extras!  Otherwise our frozen range is exactly the same as our fresh range of veggie sausages.  You’ll get exactly the same great quality and taste with the added flexibility that frozen foods bring for the busy household.

    Our frozen foods are available in your local Holland & Barrett store. Just take a trip to the freezers and stock up on loads of lovely HECK!