It's The Final Airing Of Walks With Julia Bradbury, So We Want You To #showemwhatyouremadeof

It's The Final Airing Of Walks With Julia Bradbury, So We Want You To #showemwhatyouremadeof

The final airing of ‘Walks with Julia Bradbury’ is being shown on ITV tonight.  We’ve been inspired to make changes and gain small wins, so now we want you to #showemwhatyouremadeof 

We’ve been inspired at HECK into getting outdoors more for our physical and mental health, and small steps to change habits like these are a cause for celebration.  Following Jack’s epic walk before Christmas to raise funds for SameYou, we’ve asked the rest of the team at HECK to get involved too.

Plenty of the team at HECK have jumped right in. Becky would like to become a pilates teacher and lead sessions at the HECK factory. Gemma is on a mission to get the office to go paperless and James wants to learn new skills to help HECK on a transition to low carbon.

We want to bring you along on these journeys with us, so you can follow each and every ones progress on Instagram & Linkedin.  For now, check out what Ruby and Jack have to say in the video below!

Watch Cornwall and Devon walks with Julia Bradbury every Wednesday night at 7.30pm (and of course, stick around to watch the HECK team in the ad breaks too!)


This week, Julia explores Frenchman’s Creek on the Smuggler’s Trail west of Falmouth Bay in Cornwall which was the location that inspired Daphne du Maurier to write her romantic novel of the same name, The Frenchman’s Creek.

You can find Julia’s walking route online here: https://theoutdoorguide.co.uk/walks/julia-bradbury-walks/itv-Cornwall-and-Devon-Walks/helford-frenchmans-creek-the-smugglers-trail/