Enjoy a Month of HECK in Aldi Stores Across the UK

Enjoy a Month of HECK in Aldi Stores Across the UK

HECK! is shaking up the middle aisle in Aldi this month, with a new product landing on the shelves every week to help you add some hot new flavours to the BBQ.

If you tend to frequent the middle aisle of Aldi, you’ll find a HECK! load of our products over the coming weeks! From Mexican week to Italian week, we’ve got a bunch of exciting products hitting the middle aisle so you can dish up some fabulous flavours from all around the world – and just in time for BBQ season.

On 8 June, we’re particularly excited about HECK! Mixed Sliders hitting the middle aisle. Consisting of 3 Pork & Apple Burgers, 3 Steak & Butter Burgers and 3 Chicken Italia Burgers, our pack of mixed sliders are going to go down an absolute treat. Who can resist a burger with a bit of added flavour?

On 15 June, you’ll be able to find HECK! Pork & Apple Sausages on the shelves in honour of Aldi’s British Favourites. Whether you have them on their own, add them to a hot dog bun or chuck them into a salad, they’re perfect for chucking on the BBQ and adding a sweet twist to traditional dishes.

HECK! Mexican Mince will also be landing in Aldi on 22 June – perfect for mixing up your own burgers or adding some flavour to a traditional chilli.

Excitingly, we also have a brand new flavour hitting the shelves exclusively at Aldi…HECK Pork & Smoky Maple Sausages! They will be landing in stores across the UK from 28th June for a limited time only and trust us, you want to try these on the BBQ! They are to DIE for.

And last, but not least, HECK! Pork Italia Sausages will be landing on the middle aisle just in time for Italian Week on 6 July so you can cook up the delicious flavours of Italy.


If you’ve been dreaming of stoking up the BBQ whilst reading this, make sure to get yourself down to your local Aldi ASAP because when they’re gone, they’re gone!



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