Dyslexia Awareness Week: Meet HECK's Liv & Read Her Story

Dyslexia Awareness Week: Meet HECK's Liv & Read Her Story

Liv Moore (24)

HECK in-house Designer

My dyslexia was properly recognised late in the game at university whilst I studying graphic communication, although I did get the support I needed when I was struggling at school before the formal diagnosis.

What I love about my job role is that I can use my imagination and creativity skills that I challenge on a daily basis. The hardest thing about being dyslexic was shown to me in having to write this paragraph.  It makes me nervous, anxious and, all in all, not very happy, whereas designing and not having to work numbers or words has the opposite effect and excites me.  It comes naturally and I don’t have to push to be productive.

I also don’t enjoy writing e-mails, I spend half my time worrying about grammer, spelling, or whether what I’ve written even makes sense  so I’m always checking and double checking.  Despite my dyslexia I found a home with HECK. Day to day I have a fantastic support group around me, a proof reader and it feels like when I am working that I don’t even have dyslexia!