Teriyaki surf and turf burgers

Teriyaki surf and turf burgers

Serves 2



Steak and butter burgers

Brioche buns

Teriyaki sauce

King prawns



Cheese slices

2 tbsp Pickled cabbage

Sweet potato fries



  1. Press down your burgers and fry on a medium heat, turning regularly.
  2. ⁠Add prawns into a bowl and cover in teriyaki sauce then add to pan and fry.
  3. ⁠Now burgers are golden add teriyaki sauce to either side and continue to fry.
  4. ⁠once burgers are ready add your cheese.
  5. ⁠adding butter to a pan then place your brioche and lightly toast.
  6. ⁠now take your bread off, to the bottom add your rocket and coleslaw.
  7. ⁠now stack on your burgers and prawns and finish with some pickled cabbage.
  8. ⁠serve up with some sweet potato fries and enjoy!!