Loaded Tortilla Pizza with Pomegranate

15 Minutes | Easy

Loaded Tortilla Pizza with Pomegranate


  • 2 tomatoes, thinly sliced – then halved.
  • One red onion finely sliced
  • 150g Tzatziki
  • 6 round flatbread wraps
  • 6 chicken sausage rashers
  • 1 whole pomegranate seeds.
  • 1 halloumi, grated.
  • 2tbsp honey
  • Chopped chives to garnish



  1. Pre heat oven to 180degrees
  2. To a pan on medium heat add your rashers and fry for 6/7 minutes turning regularly.
  3. To another pan, add your grated halloumi and fry on medium heat for 5 minutes. Add halloumi and fry for a further minute.
  4. Add your wraps into the oven for 2 minutes until crisp.
  5. Now to your wraps, coat the bottom with Tzatziki, top with tomato, onion, sliced rashers then garnish with your pomegranate, crisps halloumi and chives!