Grilled Burger Cheeze Sandwich

Prep Time: 10 - Cook Time: 16 - Serves 1
Next level comfort food - this Burger Grilled Cheeze Sandwich should be listed high on your favourite comfort foods list! Stuffed with Heck Vegan Italia Burgers alongside vegan cheeze and antipasti for a delicious Mediterranean flavour combination.


-  2 equally sized slices sourdough bread, lightly toasted

-  1 Vegan Italia Burger

-  A little oil to fry

-  2-3 slices melting vegan cheeze

-  1 tbsp grilled artichokes (antipasti)

-  1 tbsp dairy-free spread

-  1 tbsp tomato paste



  1. Prepare the Heck Vegan Italia burger according to the packaging instructions in a little oil until golden.
  2. Spread the tomato paste across 2 slices of lightly toasted sourdough bread, then top one half with 1-2 slices vegan cheeze, burger patty, artichokes and the rest of the vegan cheeze. Close the sandwich with the second slice of bread.
  3. Coat the top and bottom of the sandwich with a little dairy-free spread and place it into a hot pan over medium heat with a lid. Flip after 3-4 minutes and cook until both sides are golden and lightly crispy.
  4. Cut the sandwich in half, admire the cheezy melt and serve immediately.

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