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Big Mac Style Big Chicken Burger

Big Mac-Style Big Chicken Burger
Prep Time: 1 minute Cook Time: 15 minutes
A heck-style take on the classic we all love!


2 Chicken Italia Burgers

2 handfuls Iceburg Lettuce, shredded

2 Seeded Burger Buns

1 Cheese square

Burger Sauce


  • Take two buns and cut both in half. One of the tops won’t be needed, so set that half to one side.
  • In a frying pan, add a drop of oil and add the chicken burgers. Cook over a medium heat for 6 minutes, then flip the burgers and continue to fry until cooked evenly. This should take around 12-15 minutes. Remove from the hob.
  • Time to assemble your burger. Begin by laying out the base of the burger bun. Now add a splodge of burger sauce, some shredded lettuce followed by the slice of burger cheese. Now add one of the chicken burgers followed by the second burger bun base.
  • Add another splodge of burger sauce, some more lettuce, the second chicken burger and complete with the burger bun top.
  • Serve up and get a napkin at the ready…
  • Enjoy!


Don’t throw away the left-over burger bun top – keep and use for a cheese on toast snack!

per 100g per 380g
Energy 797kJ/190kcal 3029kJ/722kcal
Fat 7.0g 27g
of which Saturates 2.0g 7.7g
Carbohydrate 17g 63g
of which Sugars 3.7g 14g
Protein 15g 57g
Salt 1.3g 5.0g
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