Pork is packed full of protein that is needed for every cell in the body. It also contains B vitamins which are required for the body to turn food into energy and zinc which helps the immune system to function well. The humble spud is often overlooked, they are such a valuable food though...they are low in fat, provide vitamin C and (with their skins on) provide fibre.

Tenderloin of Pork Filled with HECK Pork Sausage

Serves 6
Preparation time – 35 minutes
Cooking time – 1 hour
Pre heat oven to 180c  / gas mark 4


1 pack of HECK 97% pork sausages

1 large pork tenderloin – trimmed if possible

1 pack of streaky bacon – 8 slices

1 bag of baby potatoes

1 jar of beer mustard

5 thyme sprigs – leaves removed

Cracked black pepper

Handful of wild rocket leaves


Gluten free – check your beer mustard is gluten free as some contain wheat flour, as an alternative serve with  gluten free apple chutney.


Jacket potatoes

Simply place 1 bag of baby potatoes and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 3o minutes till golden and crisp.


Stuffed pork loin

Take the pork loin and trim of any outside sinew, then carefully cut the loin length wise and butterfly open the loin not cutting all the way through.

Now pound the pork fillet until flat using a meat hammer or a rolling pin.

Take the HECK pork sausage and remove the meat from the casings and place the sausage meat down the centre of the pork loin.

Scatter the thyme leaves over the sausage meat and fold over the sides to form a circular compact roll.

Now take the streaky bacon and wrap around the pork loin that is stuffed with sausage, overlap and use the bacon to secure the pork from coming apart. Add lots of cracked black pepper on top of the bacon.

On a low medium grill cook the bacon wrapped pork loin for about 20-30 minutes turning over half way through, remove from the grill then let the meat rest under foil for about 10 minutes before carving.


To serve

Once the pork loin has rested carve onto 12 slices and fan onto a serving platter.

Criss cross the baby jacket potatoes on top with a sharp knife and push up from the bottom to open them up

Place the potatoes onto the serving board along side the pork and sprinkle over some wild rocket leaves and add a dish of the beer mustard.

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Nutritional Info

Serving Size: 369.25g

Amount Per Serving

Calories: 492

Total Fat: 26.20g

Saturates: 9.67g

Sugars: 3.87g

Salt: 3.62g

Protein: 35.21g

Carbs: 27.39g

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