We asked how to throw a HECK! of a barbecue – and you told us!

With all the fabulous weather we’ve been having, we’ve been able to break out the BBQ a few more times than usual – but do you find yourself cooking up the same old things? Having the same old problems? And let’s not even start on the clean up!

We took to Twitter to get some top tips from trusted HECK! fans – and boy did it pay off!


  1. Skip the squeeze!

  2. Desserts can be BBQ’d too!

  3. Add some fish into the mix

  4. Two tips for the price of one!

  5. They are so versatile ;)

  6. Like any boy scout will tell you, be prepared

  7. Don’t scrimp on the buns!

  8. Don’t overcomplicate it

  9. The bigger the BBQ the better the options!

  10. Zonal BBQing!

  11. Genius!

  12. Think about the clean up makes it easier next time

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