The HECK Team Deliver Free Home & Food Essentials Locally

The HECK Team Deliver Free Home & Food Essentials Locally

The Coronavirus has brought the UK a lot of challenges very quickly. Our team is looking to help the more vulnerable members of our local community during these uncertain times.

HECK is offering up delivery of home essentials (and of course sausages) to help people who are self-isolating, vulnerable or unable to get out due to Covid-19. 

HECK team member Becky Goodall says, “We are based in a very rural area and there are a lot of vulnerable and isolated people in our immediate vicinity.  Each month for a couple of years now, we have been hosting OAP lunches to give some company to people who are isolated.  We’ve had to stop these for the moment, but we are now doing free home deliveries of essentials to Wath, Kirklington and Pickhill to make sure our community knows we are still thinking of them and trying to help.”

HECK will be distributing leaflets around the surrounding villages today and asking people to contact them with their requests.  Becky continues, “We are very much a family and friends based business and a lot of relatives live locally, so we want to be able to help out and put something back.”

#howicanhelp is trending on social media and HECK are urging customers to do their best to help vulnerable and isolated people around them.

For more info, get in touch with us on sausages@heckfood.co.uk.

Stay well,

Love the HECK team x