The Great Taste Awards Give HECK 97% Sausages 1-Star Rating

The Great Taste Awards Give HECK 97% Sausages 1-Star Rating

HECK 97% Sausages were tried and tested by the Great Taste Awards’ panel of experts and awarded a 1-star rating, and we couldn’t be more pleased!



HECK 97% Sausages were put to the test at the Great Taste Awards as we waited with bated breath for the results. Well…we’re pleased to share that our well-loved, gluten-free sausages were awarded a fabulous 1-star rating by the panel of experts!


Here’s what they had to say about HECK 97% Sausages: Good looking sausages which have coloured well on cooking. Inviting porky aroma. A straightforward sausages, with a good clear pork flavour. We would like this as a breakfast sausage as we think this would suit its simple profile.

Very lean and rather salty sausages, tender and succulent for their lean-ness, within a firm but firm but friable casing. We would have favoured more herb, less salt here but did find a good level of sound pork flavournot deep or complex, but sound allied to a pleasingly tender texture.


Interested in giving our sausages a try? If it helps, they’re made with 97% British pork (if you couldn’t tell), making them super lean. Plus, they’re dairy-free and gluten-free too!


Check out our HECK 97% Sausages recipes if you need some inspiration.


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