Some Brand New Vegan Sausages & Burgers Join The HECK Frozen Range!

We’ve got three exciting new vegan sausages & burgers joining the HECK Frozen range this week.  Available in supermarkets across the UK. 

Our range of frozen sausages, and now a brand new frozen vegan burger is available in Tescos,  Holland & BarrettSainsbury’s and Waitrose


We’re introducing three new lines from our vegan range, available exclusively in Tescos stores:

  • Bollywood Sausages: Indian-style sausages made from cauliflower, lentils, pulses and seeds, all spiced up with chilli, ginger, cumin and turmeric.

  • Ultimate Vegan Burger: Burgers made from beetroot, mushroom, sunflower seeds and carrot.

  • Beet Goes On Cocktails: Cocktail sausages made from beetroot, carrot, sunflower seeds and horseradish.


These three new flavours join an ever-expanding range of frozen HECK sausages:

  • HECK Vegan Breakfast Sausages: plant-based breakfast sausages made from mushroom, carrot and tomato with parsley and sage.

    Available in Waitrose and Holland & Barrett.

  • HECK The Beet Goes On Sausagesdelicious vegan sausages made from beetroot, carrot, sunflower seeds and horseradish. 

    Available in Waitrose and Holland & Barrett.

  • HECK Super Greens Sausagessuper green veggie sausages made from quinoa and spinach with ginger, chilli and a hint of mint.

    Available in Holland & Barrett.

  • HECK Vegfurtersvegan frankfurters made with mushroom, carrot and beetroot with a natural smoky flavour.

    Available in Waitrose.

  • HECK Meat-Free Sausagesmeat-free sausages that are lightly seasoned and are soya-free.

    Available in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

  • HECK Simply Chicken Sausages: chicken sausages that are simply chicken! Lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. 

    Available in Sainsbury's and Waitrose.

  • HECK Reduced Fat Sausagesreduced fat pork sausages made with lovely, lean and lightly seasoned pork.

    Available in Sainsbury's and Waitrose.


Take a look at where you can find our frozen range in a store near you:

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